Newspapers and Magazines

The New York Times, “More Jobs Predicted for Machines, Not People,” by Steve Lohr, 10.23.11

The Economist, “Marathon Machine: unskilled workers are struggling to Keep up with technological change,” 11.19.11

The Wall St. Journal, “US Economic Outlook: Plateau or Promise?,” by David Wessel, 11.3.11

Bloomberg Businessweek, “Can the Jobs-and-Income Crisis End Well?,” by Chris Farrell, 11.25.11; “It’s a Man vs. Machine Recovery,” by David Lynch, 1.5.12

The Washington Post, “The Robots Are Winning,” by Sarah Kliff (Wonkblog), 10.24.11

The Financial Times, “Race Against the Machine,” book review by James Crabtree, 10.30.11

The Los Angeles Times, “When Droids Take Your Job,” (editorial), 11.28.11

Sloan Management Review, “Winning the Race With Ever-Smarter Machines,” winter 2012

Technology Review, ““Tectonic Shifts” in Employment,” by David Talbot, 12.20.11

The Economist, “Race Against the Machine,” Free Exchange blog, 11.9.11;  ”Difference Engine: Luddite Legacy,” Babbage blog, 11.4.11

The Atlantic, “Where Human Workers Can Still Beat Robots (at Least for Now),” 10.24.11; “Why the Massive Wealth of the 1% Could Ruin the Economy,” 10.25.11; “Why Workers are Losing the War Against Machines,” 10.26.11 (3 excerpts from RAtM)

Communications of the ACM, “Artificial Intelligence: Past and Future,” by Moshe Vardi, Vol. 55, #1, 2012

Wired UK, “AI Wants Nurses to Earn More than Bankers,” by David Baker, March 2012

ComputerWorld, “Robots Are Taking Mid-Level Jobs, Changing the Economy,” by Sharon Gaudin, 10.31.11

Investor’s Business Daily, “Preparing Humans to Work in a Robotic World,” by Brian Deagon, 11.4.11

Mother Jones, “The Race Against Artificial Intelligence,” by Kevin Drum, 10.24.11

Stanford Social Innovation Review, “The Race vs. the Stagnation,” by Timothy Ogden, spring 2012

The Christian Science Monitor, “How Artificial Intelligence is Changing our Lives,” by Gregory M. Lamb, 9.11.12

Forbes, “Could Automation Lead to Chronic Unemployment,” by Aaron Frank, 7.19.12

NewYork Times, “A Jobs Boom Built on Sweat in an Age of Belt Tightening,” by Catherine Rampell, 6.30.12

Financial Times, “The Jobs at the End of the Universe,” by Douglas Board, 5.3.12

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, “It’s a Man vs. Machine Recovery,” by David J. Lynch, 1.5.12

MIT Technology Review, “‘Tectonic Shifts’ in Employment,” by David Talbot, 12.20.11

The Atlantic, “Innovation Deficit Disorder: A Diagnosis for a Sick Economy,” by Rob Atkinson, 11.8.11

MIT Sloan Management Review, “How the Digital Revolution is Affecting Employment,” by Leslie Brokaw, 10.26.11

MIT Technology Review, “How IT Costs More Jobs than it Creates,” by David Talbot, 10.25.11


Andy on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO (Ontario public television), 11.28.11:

Erik debating Tyler Cowen at Techonomy 2011, 11.14.11 (Tucson):

Watch live streaming video from techonomy at


Erik speaking at the Compass Summit about Race Against the Machine (RAtM), 10.24.11 (Los Angeles)

Erik speaking about Race Against the Machine with Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and the gang on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, 11.7.2011 (New York).

Erik and Andrew talk with Bloomberg BusinessWeek about the digitization of the economy and how robots are replacing humans in the workforce at a rate never seen before.



NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook, “When Machines do the Work,” 11.2.11 (WBUR, Boston)

WGBH Innovation Hub with Kara Miller, “Race Against the Machine,” 3.17.12 (WGBH, Boston)

CBC Spark with Nora Young, “Andrew McAfee on Race Against the Machine,” 1.20.12 (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

IEEE Spectrum Techwise Conversations, “The Future of Work,” 12.7.11

Radio Times, “Are Machines Taking Over… the Workplace?” 11.17.11 (WHYY, Philadelphia)

To the Point with Warren Olney, “Should We Blame Technology for High Unemployment?” 10.26.11 (KCRW, Los Angeles)

NPR’s Morning Edition, “How Technology is Eliminating Higher-Skilled Jobs,” by Chris Arnold, 11.3.11 (WBUR, Boston)

Blogs and Websites, “The Rise of the Artificial Intelligence Economy.” by Adam Ozimek, 4.3.12

Motley Fool, “Is Technology Destroying Our Jobs?” by John Reeves, 11.4.11

Seeking Alpha, “Stiglitz’s Crisis Narrative: The End of Work?” 1.5.12

Inside Higher Ed, “‘Race Against the Machine’ vs. ‘The Great Stagnation’,” by Joshua Kim, 1.5.12

Library of Economics and Liberty, “My version of Race Against the Machine,” by Arnold Kling, 11.3.11

William Powers, “Computer Says ‘You’re Fired‘,” 11.3.11

IBM’s Building a Smarter Planet blog “Race Against the Machine,” by Steve Hamm, 11.1.11

The AEI Enterprise blog, “5 questions for… Erik Brynjolfsson,” by James Pethokoukis, 10.26.11

ThinkProgress, “Robots are not Causing the Recession,” by Matthew Yglesias, 10.25.11

George Washington University Mercatus Center Surprisingly Loud podcast series, “Andrew McAfee on Digital Innovation, Employment and Productivity,” January 10, 2011

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ComputerWorld, “Robots are Taking Mid-Level Jobs, Changing the Economy,” by Sharon Gaudin, 10.31.11, “Race Against the Machine,” by James Crabtree, 10.30.11